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Final Flame

Price €20.00

Sat on the ground , this reaper rests silently. His black cloak drapes down , hiding his skeletal face , giving this

figure a sinister aura.At the base of his cloak , a small tealight can be placed. Cast in the finest resin before beiing

hand-painted , this piece would make a welcome addition to any Gothic home.


Price €45.00

Resting in the centre of a pentagram , the globe of the earth acts as Baphomet's seat.

Sitting cross-legged on top of the world , Baphomet sits , symbolizing the sum total of the universe.

Legs ending cloven hoovs , the stuff of Asclepius rises from their crotch. Their right arm is raised in a magical 

blessing with the word SOLVE written on their forearm , while their left arm is stretched downwards and outwards

invitingly , forearm bearing the word COACULA. Their triple-horned goat's head stares directly forwards as their wings 

stretch out behind them. Worshipped by occultists from Jacques de Molay"s Templars to Alistair Crowley

Baphomet has long been a symbol of free-thinking heresy and forbidden knowledge.

Gargoyle Statuette

Price €49.00

Darkness chose me.

- Quality Resin. 
- Exxxxxtra Large. 
- All-Black Colour Finish. 
Size - 19.5cm/7.6” x 17cm/6.6” x 17.5cm/6.8”. 
- Weight - 785 Grams.


Price €15.00

This grinning skull can sit on any mantelpiece. Staring straight ahead and smiling, the skull has been the unfortunate victim of a medical craniotomy. The gaping wound in the back of his skull has left a nice space for resting your cigarettes. A macabrely crafted piece, this skull is cast in top-quality resin before being carefully hand-painted.

V73 Steam head Skull

Price €85.00
Unveiled to her majesty Queen Victoria at the great crystal palace exhibition of 1851. The first punk automaton. Lobotomised to reveal the mechanical conciousness of this unique period phenomena.

V43 Crimson Demon Skull

Price €54.00

A cast resin desk/table decoration; hand painted and finished.

Vermiculus, Archduke of Chaos and guide to the lost souls who fall through the shifting terror-scapes that make up the fractured topography of Hell.


Price €25.00

The dark and mysterious phantom; afterlife totem of the Elysian Corvid

Cast resin wall plaque; hand painted and finished.


Price €17.00

A larger than life mythic raven skull, personifying the ancient god of prophecy ill omen and lost souls.

A solid cast resin, bone-coloured and antiqued, oversized raven's skull; hand painted and finished.

V74 Skull - Tea Light...

Price €10.00

Thought shines eternally bright whilst the ephemeral body whither as fallen fruit in the ground.

A beautifully dark skull shaped tea light holder.

High quality resin hand finished in antique silver effect.