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N203 Angel Ring

Price €22.00
The seals of the seven planetary angels are depicted within the enamel; Gabriel (Moon), Raphael (Mercury), Haniel (Venus), Michael (Sun), Hamael (Mars), Zadkiel (Jupiter) and Zaphkiel (Saturn), with the key to their meanings, their respective names, planets and days, inscribed on the reverse side.

N182 Speculum

Price €38.00
Beauty at first glance turns into reality; the Latin inscription reads: "All things change and we with them", the inset mirror revealing the horrifying face of the future.

P146 Chaostar

Price €24.00

From Elric to Kaos Magic, the compass in which every direction points north from the centre, symbolising the principle and virtue of Chaos.

A subtle reminder of great disorder

P446 Coeur Sauvage

Price €33.00

Conflicting beauty and duality of the heart.

An attractive piece that's sure to turn heads

A two-tone double dragon, heart-shaped necklace with Swarovski crystal heart suspended in the centre.


Price €34.00
Green Sugar: a miniature, wearable token of a secret life; an Alchemy absinthe spoon, signifying an existence dedicated to hedonistic pleasure and sublime aestheticism; set with large, limpid Emerald green Swarovski crystal.