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Horoscope Blanket

Price €65.00

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

- Extra Large.
- Huge Graphic Prints.
- Size: 191cm x 172cm.

Cauldron Incense Burner

Price €12.00

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

- Ceramic Mug.
- Custom Cauldron Shape.
- Black Like Ur Soul.
- This Product is Not Dishwasher or Microwave Safe.


Price €42.00

Invoking the gothic heritage of a lost epoch to fill us with awe and foreboding as we behold it's blackened edifice reaching to the heavens.

Look into the cathedral window and see the reflection of you!

An ornate gothic mirror hand finished in the finest quality black resin. This mirror can be wall hung or free standing.


Price €35.00

- Statement sculpted resin wine glass.
- Intricate detailing.
- Glass upper.
- Diameter 8cm/3.1"
- Height 24cm/9.4".
- Liquid capacity 8oz/236ml.

with KILLSTAR branding, 100% Resin and Glass.

Final Flame

Price €20.00

Sat on the ground , this reaper rests silently. His black cloak drapes down , hiding his skeletal face , giving this

figure a sinister aura.At the base of his cloak , a small tealight can be placed. Cast in the finest resin before beiing

hand-painted , this piece would make a welcome addition to any Gothic home.

Kingdom Of The Dragon...

Price €137.00
  • Fantasy Kingdom Of The Dragon Chess Set With Corner Towers.
  • Cast in the finest resin.
  • Expertly hand painted.
  • Decorated glass board.
  • 43cm x 43cm x 9,5cm

Blessed Be Blanket

Price €40.00

Fire within me, Water around me.

- Soft-Touch Fabric.
- Extra Large.
- Contrasting Motif.
- Size 142cm x 164cm.

Moonshine Cold Brew Cup

Price €15.00

Make a statement.

- Hard Plastic.
22oz/635ml Capacity.
- Size - H: 20.5cm/8", W: 9.6cm/3.75", D: 19.3cm/7.6
- Screw Lid.
- Statement Print.
- Hand Wash Only.


Price €39.00

Capturing the original 19th century gothic horror style, this spectral mirror incorporates all of the features expected in a vampire's place of nocturnal dwelling.

Vampire & Werewolf...

Price €137.00
  • Fantasy Vampire & Werewolf Chess Set With Corner Towers.
  • Cast in the finest resin.
  • Expertly hand painted.
  • Decorated glass board.

Dragon Tarot Card Box

Price €43.00
  • Keep your tools of prophecy safe in style with this draconic Tarot box.
  • Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted.
  • size: 18 cm x 12,5 cm x 11cm

Lisa Parker Tarot...

Price €25.00
  • Familiar Tarot cards
  • From the mind of the bewitching artist, Lisa Parker
  • 78 breath-taking cards
  • Detailed guidebook

Summoning Blanket

Price €39.00

Who dares summon me?

- Soft Touch Fabric.
- Round Blanket, with Fringes.
- Huge Graphic Print.
- Size 64"/160cm diameter.

Hamsa Hand Incense...

Price €8.00
  • Middle Eastern hand amulet design.
  • Featuring the Evil Eye at the Centre.
  • Use with your favourite Incense Sticks.
  • Cast in high-quality resin.


Price €27.00

Welcome to our alternative world.

- Tarot Cards.
- Custom Design.
- Holographic.
- Branded.

The future is looking bright! The KILLSTAR Tarot Cards are a MUST in any dark soul's home. Custom design to make them exxxxtra special, holographic print and branded, perfect for daily readings or as decor!

With KILLSTAR Branding.


Price €45.00

Resting in the centre of a pentagram , the globe of the earth acts as Baphomet's seat.

Sitting cross-legged on top of the world , Baphomet sits , symbolizing the sum total of the universe.

Legs ending cloven hoovs , the stuff of Asclepius rises from their crotch. Their right arm is raised in a magical 

blessing with the word SOLVE written on their forearm , while their left arm is stretched downwards and outwards

invitingly , forearm bearing the word COACULA. Their triple-horned goat's head stares directly forwards as their wings 

stretch out behind them. Worshipped by occultists from Jacques de Molay"s Templars to Alistair Crowley

Baphomet has long been a symbol of free-thinking heresy and forbidden knowledge.

Dragon Chess Set

Price €137.00
  • Fantasy Dragon Chess Set With Corner Towers.
  • Cast in the finest resin.
  • Expertly hand painted.
  • Decorated glass board.43cm x 43cm x 9,5cm

Dragon's Altar

Price €57.00
  • Majestic Dragons are the focus of this piece.
  • Can hold three candles.
  • Perfect for any Gothic dining room.
  • Cast in the finest resin before being painstakingly hand-painted.

Mystic Blanket

Price €40.00

The world is ready for a mystic revolution, a discovery of the Goddess in each of us.

- Soft Touch Fabric.
- Round Blanket, with Fringes.
- Huge Graphic Print
- Size 158 x 158cm

Triple Moon Incense...

Price €10.00
  • Beautiful Golden outline of the Triple Moon symbol.
  • Mystical galaxy background.
  • Use with your favourite Incense Sticks.
  • Cast in high-quality resin.


Price €25.00

Divine your spiritual path through the esoteric wisdom of the Tarot and the famously vivid and detailed paintings from Alchemy Studios. A fully illuminated oracle of classic Alchemy Gothic imagery, with 78 different, unique and original images.

Breath-taking Alchemy artwork to help in your spiritual quest

78 Card Tarot Card Deck, made by Fournier and illustrated throughout in full colour with mysterious, gothic Alchemy images.

In a cardboard pack, with instructions in English, Spanish, French, German & Portuguese.


Price €60.00

This spirit board  is perfect for contacting other realms. Cast in the highest quality resin before being expertly hand-painted, this piece has the alphabet marked out in an elliptical shape, as well as the numbers 0 to 9, along with the words YES and NO in the centre. This is a fantastic tool for any occult practitioner, however, the power of the spirit world is not something to take lightly.