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P878 Elven Star

Price €26.00

The Wiccan symbol of the seven pointed star, or septagram, represents the seven paths to the higher self in the sacred Faery tradition, further empowered here by a pentagram and the sigils of the seven planets.

P864 Rose Briar

Price €37.00

A grave but beautiful garland of arcane mystique; five sinister, sable blooms standing for the elements of nature, including the fundamental focal point of the spirit.

P868 Infinite Love

Price €62.00

Armour Aeternus' - Eternal Love, is the incantation inscribed upon the double-heart infinity symbol, summoning the imminent embrace of a black rose, a dark and mysterious suitor.

P867 Skeggox

Price €24.00

An elaborately carved Anglo-Saxon warrior's bearded war axe head, of Scandinavian origin and depicting a complex knotwork dragon motif. The reverse is engraved with "Hearthweru", Saxon for Hearth-Guard, by which the elite Household Warriors were know.

A powerful viking symbol that will look incredible on any chest bare or clothed!

PP521 Motley Crue:...

Price €18.00

Features classic circled pentagram accompanied by the logo / typeface used on the covers of some their mid-8os albums including "Theater of Pain" and "Keep Your Eye On The Money"...

PP520 AC/DC:...

Price €18.00

Taken from the cover of AC/DC's 1977 "Let There Be Rock" album and designed by Gerard Huerta, this Gutenberg-inspired lightning bolt logo later became the permanent symbol of the band.