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V69 Black Rose Wand

Price €23.00
Graven with empowering sigils, the sceptre of spragyric practitioner - Quintus Thorn. The essential tool in channeling the ultimate alchemical wisdom - The Black Rose Quintessence.

ALMUG6 Witches Brew

Price €17.00
A beautiful rose gold edition mug decorated with 'Witches Brew' Alchemy design a substantial and high quality mug. This mug is perfect for anyone searching for a totally unique gift with an alternative edge.

ALMUG7 Catty Without...

Price €17.00
A beautiful rose gold edition mug decorated with 'Catty without Coffee' can't cope without your morning coffee? Then this is the purrrrfect mug for you!

ALMUG10 Dead Thirsty

Price €17.00
A beautiful rose gold edition mug decorated with the fun play on words slogan 'Dead Thirsty' and vampire teeth artwork! This mug is simply 'fangtastic' for the secret Vampires amongst us!

ALMUG11 My Favourite...

Price €17.00
We love the colour 'Black' in all its dark glory. Celebrate your love for this Goth fave and let the world know with this simply beautiful rose gold edition mug!

ALMUG13 Caffiend

Price €17.00
This beautiful rose gold edition mug is perfectly suited to fans of caffeine!! Are you a fiend a 'Caffiend'!!

CT5 Hot Stuff

Price €18.00
Looking for some hot stuff in your kitchen!? Then look no further with this devilishly fun addition to your kitchen space. This is a fully functional serving trivet or chopping board, with a striking red Alchemy design.

CT10 Dead Thirsty

Price €8.00
A fun and functional teapot shaped coaster baring the 'Dead Thirsty' baroque skull design. A darkly beautiful addition to any kitchen. This piece can be used as a coaster for mugs, pans, teapots and more! What a wonderful gift it would make for anyone whose 'Dead Thirsty'

Freaks Like Me.. CT9

Price €8.00
This unique trivet / giant coaster is designed by Alchemy and forms part of the high quality ceramic homewares collection.



Chop Chop CT1

Price €17.00
This unique trivet / chopping board is designed by Alchemy and forms part of the high quality ceramic homewares collection.
πυροστιά / ξύλο κοπής

V11 Speculum Mirror

Price €51.00

V11 Speculum table mirror

The latin inscription reads 'all things change and we with them'

the mirror reveals a horrifying memento morri,the face of the future.

Size 24cm x 20cm

V37 Geistalon Unicorn...

Price €33.00

The thundering phantom of a legendary armored stallion. With magnetic, removable horn.

A cast resin decorative Unicorn skull; hand painted and finished.

V70 Unicorn

Price €32.00
The magical power of the unicorn rests in it's singularity for it is the sole survivor of an ancient lineage, who's fellows all perished in the great flood. It's unique horn is said to draw down the power of the moon.

V73 Steam head Skull

Price €77.00
Unveiled to her majesty Queen Victoria at the great crystal palace exhibition of 1851. The first punk automaton. Lobotomised to reveal the mechanical conciousness of this unique period phenomena.

V43 Crimson Demon Skull

Price €44.00

A cast resin desk/table decoration; hand painted and finished.

Vermiculus, Archduke of Chaos and guide to the lost souls who fall through the shifting terror-scapes that make up the fractured topography of Hell.

V79 Thor's Hammer...

Price €25.00
A heathen coffer under the protection of the thunder god ensuring strength, healing and fertility Carved with runes which proclaim ' A blessing on this hammer '