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R120 Absinthe Fairy...

Price €28.00

An emerald pond of illusion and creation.

A substantial, pale green, cut Swarovski crystal mounted in a polished pewter mandorla supported by Art Nouveau fairies either side.

Sizing/Capacity (approx.): L, N, Q, T

R149 Hi-Voltage Toric...

Price €22.00

Unusual, early but very highly efficient power generator to augment the energy demands of Victorian hi-tech gadgets.

An apparently simple yet heavily detailed signature piece

R156 Elizabethan

Price €29.00

Lord Dudley's lost sign of devotion; from the Earl's original design for his tracery moulding frieze above the north entrance to Kenilworth Castle, a secret sign for his great secret love, Elizabeth 1st.

A subtle sparkling symbol of the heart designed to turn heads

A pierced pewter band ring in late gothic style heart tracery, set with a Swarovski amethyst crystal heart.

R171 Thor's Runehammer

Price €24.00

The instrument of the Norse god of storms, strength and fertility, engraved with runes for 'blood' and 'thunder'.

A solid piece for a fierce viking

An elaborate and intricately carved pewter ring in Viking style, of Thor's symbolic hammer, with runic symbols engraved on the shank.

R173 Runeband

Price €17.00
A fortifying talisman to for the warrior spirit; Nordic runes recite the mantra, 'Poetry is in Battle'.
An authentic piece for the metal warrior